Wednesday, September 09, 2009


i feel as if i have been holding my breath for a week now.
starting days before the actual school day from all the realizations of what he would miss ~
what casey would miss ~ what i of course would miss.
then the actual first day and all its unexpected mishaps  and unwanted stress.
kellen and i both had headaches his first day of school from the stress just coming off us.
with day 2 down, i feel like i can exhale a little bit.
still adjusting to new moods and weariness and anxieties.
still putting on my momma game face each morning, while my heart just wants to tuck him back into bed and cuddle.
seeing the disappointment in his eyes as he is now realizing this is not a fleeting one day thing. 
but also seeing the happiness as he bounds off the bus full of stories and new songs and visits from firefighters and color filled papers he is so proud to show me.  
but still,  a full day is long.  
tonight we went to blow off some steam.
to stick our feet in the sand.
a little soul balm.
casey did nothing but wrestle kellen, as if she needed to power pack her pent up love into running tackles and rolls in the sand.   she had been waiting ALL day to get her hands on him and now was her time.  he happily obliged her craziness.
i hope this nice weather hangs out awhile.  tonight was good for us all.
deep breath in .... and out....

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