Friday, September 11, 2009

friday love and thankfulness

thank you to all who have journeyed with us this week of big change here in our family.  
thank you for your comments, your suggestions, your thoughts, and well wishes.
they were all appreciated and felt, truly.
it is still an adjustment and journey.
days of little triumphs and setbacks combined.
my dear friend dani left me this little message and i thought it sweet and tender and perhaps needed by some other momma out there struggling this week...

" you don't take "baby steps" for the distance they cover, but to put yourself within reach of life's magic."

indeed.  thank you dani.
here's to the weekend!  
ours looks to be a bit chilly and dreary weather wise,  but it is 2 whole days of soaking up love with my little guy who has taken such very big and scary steps this week.  so rain or shine, it will be most wonderful.
happy weekend everyone, and again, thank you ever so much.  xo


Char said...

have a beautiful weekend my dear - even if it's dreary

LeS said...

oh, sweet friend, you've weathered it beautifully and another thing...

this may be one of the best photos of all time.

big love to you :)

daniela said...

and you know what amazes me? that you continue to be able to take beautiful photos, and articulate your thoughts and feelings so well. thank you for sharing your very real journey with us kristin. xo