Tuesday, September 01, 2009

its a big world baby and your little for a little while....

(a photo memory of a great day at the park.  he laid down and i traced his body, then he asked me to lay down by his and he traced me.  we held chalk hands.  love this.  LOVE him)

it's a big world baby 
and you're little for a little while
it's a big world baby 
you can fiddle in your own style.
it's a big sun
it's a big tree
it's a big boat
it's a big sea
it's a big dog
it's a big plane
it's a big cloud
with a little bit of rain....


lily boot said...

I'm singing! This is one of my favourite songs and means I'll have to get the cd out for tomorrow. That's a gorgeous idea - the chalk outlines. Very sweet.

Char said...

so sweet and adorable - this so needs to be framed