Friday, October 16, 2009


(casey at last year's festival)
it is wintry cold outside.
oh my.
nasty weather aside, i will focus on our weekend plans.  
today:  sugar cookie baking and decorating for... 
tomorrow:  the elementary school's fall festival & bake sale.  (last year
kellen is super excited because i have been putting off getting a pumpkin to carve until the festival.  i figure if i am going to spend money on a pumpkin anyway,  i may as well spend the money where it will benefit his school.  this has been almost as hard as waiting for his birthday.  he just loves to decorate more than anyone i know. 
except maybe martha stewart. 
so yes, saturday,wake up, go to festival, 
pick perfect pumpkins for carving,
eat some baked goods (see above),
get faces painted,
then home to carve those pumpkins.
also making a ghost to hang outside somewhere out of an old sheet of mine,
and a kellen size scarecrow.  we are going to trace him on paper and he will draw the scarecrow.  i am sure this will result in 2 scarecrows because you know casey will insist on being traced as well. 
then sunday:  taking kids this surprise in our pj's!  (LOL)
then coming home and waiting for a call from my flickr friend dawn who is coming from the warm south to the cold north to see my little corner of maine and eat lobster with butter!  :)  
then monday hang out with dawn on a bench.  sweet!
i love plans.
plans are fun.
happy friday everyone!


vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

Sounds like a wonderfully full fall weekend.

xanthe said...

oh you're gonna have a great time! what fantastic plans!

jodi said...

sounds great. enjoy!

Char said...

sounds like a fantastic weekend

and oh how I love lobster

Amy said...

Plans ARE fun, sounds like a great weekend! Bet the concert was a great time, we recently took the kids to see Dan Zanes and I think she would be a lot of fun as well!