Sunday, October 18, 2009

setbacks and successes

our weekend was a bit of a roller coaster ride.
just when you think you have some nice plans in place, good ol' murphy's law steps on your toes.

friday we baked cookies for kellen's school bake sale.
setback #1 - adding candy corns before baking the cookies.  they melted like hot lava and burned holes straight through the cookies.  luckily we had NOT put them on all the cookies so we did have plenty to take to the next day's bake sale = success.
saturday i woke early to take taylor to her job (dunkin donuts opens early peeps!), i swung by my mom's to pick up her donation of spooky cupcakes for the festival.  i then dropped off all  the baked goodies with the PTO ladies, came home to get everyone else ready to go to the festival.  we all go out and pile in my car, (mind you this is a car i have had only 2 weeks since my minivan was dying a painful death) key in ignition,  fail!  it will not start.  not a sound. nada= setback #2!  no time to figure out why, we pile in hubby's jeep and head to the festival.  it was sunny and cold.  kids had super fun picking their pumpkins, and having their faces painted.  casey a pumpkin and kellen a ghost. though you could tell casey was not feeling so well.  we headed home and carved the pumpkins (success). kellen drew his life size scarecrow and hung it on the door which then proceeded to freak out our dog, bayley.  (she is a big fat lab afraid of a paper scarecrow) so much so, her hair was on end and she was barking at it.  for a scarecrow i say that was a success!  we head outside for a little leaf piling and jumping, another success.
now casey is really not looking good.  runny nose, fever, pale, whining, you get the picture. we decide that she and kellen should sleep in separate rooms just in case.  (they normally share one small bedroom and right now their twin beds are up against each other like a big double bed.  it is really cute.)  so kellen slept with me and daddy took casey watch in her room.  (she is a daddy's girl, which is totally fair since kellen can be a momma's boy).  she, and subsequently her daddy, had a rough night.  coughing and choking and then at 5 am throwing up. BIG SETBACK  :(  poor little one.  i am not sure there is ever anything worse than seeing your small one sick and so sad.  you just want to make it better.  so we are all up at 5 am stripping the bedding, and casey, and washing everything, then tucking her back in for a few more hours we hoped. i  had to get up again to take taylor to work again at 7 am.  kellen came with me.  then once back home i convinced him we were not playing, we were most certainly going back to bed. reluctantly for him, we did.  and we all slept til 9 am.  (sigh)  now it is sunday, we are ALL weary,  casey is still not 100% but she wakes smiling and hungry with a little pep in her.  so we waited out the morning gauging whether or not to try and go to the concert we had bought for them as a surprise.  the morning went well enough we decided to give it a try.  so pajamas on (it was a pajama party)  and stuffed animals in hand we headed out (in the jeep again) made it in time for the concert and they really had fun.  certainly not the jumping dancing casey we figured we would see.  she opted to sit on her daddy's lap the whole time,  but was smiling and singing along and clapping away.  success.  laurie berkner and her band were really great live.when we left the theater it was a cold rain,  and by this evening the rain had turned to our first snow. yes that is early.  to me this is a setback but to 2 little ones in my house, this is a success.  :) 
just shows it is all in the eye of the beholder.  

still waiting to hear from dawn.  
still not sure what is up with my car.
***  just heard from dawn and if mr. murphy (and his law) will leave us all alone for a day or 2, i hope to get to meet her in person soon.  


Shalet said...

Oh I hope your family feels better soon! Sounds like you took it all in stride. Here's hoping next week is all ups and no downs. :o)

Diane said...

OH MY. At each new setback I was cringing... poor little Casey! And you all. Fever + throwing up = AWFUL. I hope it's nothing bad with your new-to-you car -- I'm waiting for the garage to open to call in for mine if it's any consolation at all...

Char said...

poor baby...I'm glad she better. my little niece had the croup this weekend - not fun.

Amy said...

It's always something, isn't it? Hope you have a great week!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

What a weekend you had!! I hope everyone is feeling better. It truly is so upsetting when your children get that sick. Fevers always make me so nervous.

Your story about your lab being afraid of the paper scarecrow gave me a chuckle!! We have a lab and one time there was a plastic bag blowing around the front lawn on a very rainy and windy day. He likes to sit in our front window and saw this bag and started freaking out barking like someone was trying to break into the house. He wouldn't stop!! Finally, I made one of the kids go out in that weather and pick up the bag otherwise we wouldn't have had a moment's peace!! Labs are so goofy, aren't they?!!? Ya gotta love 'em!!!! :)

~ Wendy