Friday, December 11, 2009


this week has been a mix of wintry things.
some new snow, then sleet.
our first snow day off from school and snowman built.
hot cocoa drank with marshmallow fluff melting in the mug.
most of my shopping done just last night on a night out alone with my hubby.  oh! and ate one of the best burgers i have had in a long time too last night.  so juicy and smothered in blue cheese crumbles, crispy fried onions, and bbq sauce.  oh man it was messy and delicious!
tomorrow we plan to get our tree at the tree farm.  kellen is beyond excited!  he asks every morning if today is the day we are getting the tree.  so tomorrow when i can answer, "YES!",  i think his little body may just explode from excitement!  i honestly can't wait either,  it is one of my most fave things to do, made even more fun these past few years with little ones in the house. i especially love the smell of real evergreen indoors.  mmmm yes.  still on our holiday to-do list is baking christmas cookies, building our gingerbread house, cutting paper snowflakes, making salt dough ornaments,  and packing gifts up to get in the mail to all our faraway family and friends.  as i type it all out, it seems like a lot to do, but i am not feeling the crunch this year.  maybe that feeling will set in next week, but right now i feel calm about it all.   i like that.  i want to slow down a bit and remember these special times.  the fleetingness of believing in santa and magic flying reindeer is gone so quickly.  so while we still have that here, i want to take it all in.  that IS the magic of christmas to me.  hope you  have a great weekend.

ps~ i had a second set of winter postcards printed and re-listed them in my etsy shop.
so if you need a little gift for someone who loves mail, please click on over and check out the sets.  i have 3 different sets to choose from: winter~holiday, beach zen, and love notes. 
thank you.


Cassandra said...

I love love love the magic of Christmas.

Amy said...

Our to-do lists read very much the same Kristin! Have fun getting your tree and have a great weekend, stay warm!

El said...

What a beautiful post. I think I'd like to visit your house on Christmas!

Char said...

i remember making the salt dough with my mom what fun times.