Saturday, December 12, 2009

perfect ending

today was a busy day filled with plans.  a curve ball of a flat tire was thrown in just to keep us on our toes i guess. remember that certain little one i talked about exploding with excitement?  well he just about did.  i do believe the build up and anticipation of it all got the best of him, though he had wonderful, joyful moments, he was also on overload all day.  when the day was near done and all was quiet,  the only light in the house was the lights from the tree, daddy laid on the floor with them both and read a book.  you could feel the little guy finally decompressing.  it was a needed, and nice ending to a bit of a crazy day.  tomorrow we relax.  

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Emom said...

Oh I remember those days before the big day! my son is very shy, and he would just about implode...big smiles...thank you!