Sunday, January 03, 2010

ten things

we play this game on flickr.
someone tags you and you are to take a photo and share 10 things about yourself.
then you tag 10 others and the game rolls on.
i was tagged by tiff.
i love reading what others wrote and learning insights into them i may never have guessed.
here was mine.
  1.  i hate things on my feet (i am a barefoot girl), especially toe socks! so i find it ironic that i chose them for my shot today. 
  2.  i raid my teenager daughter's closet for many shots. hence these toe socks, not mine... hers. :)
  3.  i do not feel my physical age and emotional age match up. my body truly feels all its 37 (soon to be 38 years plus some) but mentally i still feel a lot like a silly teenager or twentysomething. some days when it dawns on me i am a momma a silly teenager it shocks me.
  4.  i wish i had style.
  5.  i have big boobs. too big. (sorry just a fact) i wish i did not. this is why you will rarely, if ever, see a full body shot of me. if i could wake up tomorrow and they would be smaller i would smile, but i am too chicken to get a reduction so they are what they are.
  6.  i used to be the girl who dreamed of jumping out of an airplane.  now i am the woman terrified of flying. how does that happen? i hope to rekindle a little more adventure in my life this year.
  7.  i am truly a good girl, but i can talk trash. it is a "gift" that has served me well my many years as a bartender. 
  8.  i thoroughly love food. i love photos of food. i love the colors of food. the smells of food. i love to cook good food. i especially love to eat good food. i think i am an adventurous eater. 
  9.  i can be a bit of a conundrum. on one hand i am stubbornly independent- cut from the same cloth as my mom. but on the other hand i am a helpless romantic. sometimes these traits do not match up well in my favor.
  10.  i was always an artistic kid. drawing, singing, playing piano, but then i "grew up" and responsibility replaced that side of me for so many years. now that i have found that part of me again i hope to nurture it always and never let it slide again.


beth said...

I love your list !
and I'm a no socks girl too....BUT, I do live in wisconsin, so guess what's on my feet right now since it's 1 degree outside...yup, socks :)

Shalet said...

Never grow up! I'm 38 1/2. Who knew I'd ever be so close to 40!!! And yet I still feel 20. If only I looked how I feel!

Emom said...

Well...I love knowing more about you...I will say that the not feeling grown-up lasts forever..I know this because my grandmother told me so...smiles.

Life in Eden said...

Okay #3 and #5 would totally be on my list too (except for the teenage daughter part)!

So glad to have discovered your blog thought Flickr and SS.

Nancy said...

very creative photo to go with the tag. love it!

Candice said...

Haha, thats a really good shot of your toe socks nonetheless ;)