Saturday, January 09, 2010

thank you

thank you.  you are all so generous and kind in sending such wonderful thoughts, ideas, and encouragement my way.  that post was very personal to write, yet i knew typing it out would be cathartic in some small way.  so thank you; thank you for listening, thank you for your words and emails.  here's to reaching out & spreading love and to healing.   

*i heard this song on the radio yesterday.  it always makes me smile.  the video is just so darn happy.  
we should ALL hug more don't ya think?


Shalet said...

My husband is making Kibbe tonight. It is a great freezer food!

If I didn't live, oh I don't know, all the way across the country I'd come over and cook for you!

Take your down time and enjoy it! Be thinking of you.

MiaNostalgia said...

I just read your last post, and I wish you all the best of luck for the surgery. Read lots of books, find inspiration in other blogs and let other people take care of you without feeling guilty. You really deserve it.

Life in Eden said...

I didn't get the chance to comment yesterday, but it seems you've gotten lots of recipe suggestions.

I too, think you were strong to share your story. Surgery is scary but you will pull through with flying colors and be so much the better for it. Hoping the time flys, and just think, when it is over spring will (hopefully) be around the corner.

gilliecoco_28 said...

dear kristin i was so sorry to hear of your troubles and hope that in time all will be well for you and your lovely family. i live in england and look at you blog nearly every day and i expect like many of your other followers feel as if i know you and that you are a friend! I wish you well and will send any british ideas that i come up with! much love to youxxxxxxxx

Kate Kelleher Blue Sky Butterfly Studio said...

Hey Kristen,
Wow, you are really going through the mill. I know as a mum you always end up putting yourself last, way behind everyone else.

But now is the time to focus on you. Take a deep breath. And then another. Everything will be fine.
In situations when I find it hard to relax I sing this song in my head. Dance dance dance by Lykke Li (I find this is particularly good when woken in the night, be it by my children, or snoring husband!)

How about making a quilt? I am not sure if you like to sew? Maybe stitch some old clothes the kids have grown out of but you don’t want to give away? Paper Mache bows? Try painting? Making jewellery?

I would seriously recommend taking Arnica every day before, and after your op. I was stitched after both of my births and I could not believe how quickly I recovered, I think this really helped.

If you email me your address I will send you a little surprise.

I will be thinking of you.

Emom said...

we ARE hugging.....aren't we? big smiles...

Sarah said...

freezer-friendly lasagna recipe here:

If you read the Betsy-Tacy books as a kid, you might be interested in the books that were reissued this year. (The reissued ones were the last ones in the series, ones that were never at my local library as a kid. I devoured them when I saw them at my local bookstore a couple months back.)

If you've never read them - and if you enjoy old-fashioned/timeless girlish adventure books like Anne of Green Gables series - then you might enjoy them.

I enjoy your photos, and look forward to your seeing your latest creations when I sign into Flickr. Thanks for giving so many images that inspire me.

Wishing you all the best, and good luck with your upcoming recovery.

Sarah (in Boston)

jeanine said...

oh love... know that i will be thinking about you and sending healing vibes your way through it all. be patient with your body and let yourself be taken care of. you'll be back at it in no time. and thank you for that song. it started my day off on a crazy happy foot :)