Wednesday, February 03, 2010

to haiti with love

kate asked if i would like to donate any prints for "to haiti with love."
"decorated"  and "blue" are up for auction. 
to bid, you post a comment under the item you wish to bid on and the amount you are bidding.(*** on their site, not here.  just so there is no confusion.)

please click on over here to view all the wonderful items up for bid and read all about the mission of to haiti with love.

thank you.


kgirl said...

Just bid on blue. Love it. Need it.

(my word verification is 'godderm,' as in, godderm, I need that photograph.)

Richard Levangie said...


I just posted a brief about the Haiti auction on my blog and, because time was so short, I used your artwork to illustrate it (with links and attribution, of course).

As a writer, I understand the importance of copyright, so if you'd prefer that I don't use the image in this way, let me know!

(My wife is from Windham, near Portland, BTW)

Hay said...

Lovely. I bid.