Friday, February 19, 2010

yes it's friday, i'm in love...

in love with simple sweet decadence for breakfast.
  1. package of crescent rolls
  2. stuff with your fave topping of choice and roll.  we chose chocolate chips and cinnamon and sugar today...  next time i think i will try a few with jam as well.
  3. bake at 350 degrees for about 10 mins, til they are golden brown.
  4. eat eat eat!!!  we love the chocolate ones best and with a good cup of coffee i am not sure a morning can be better.  unless it was served somewhere tropical and i were barefoot and suntanned.  yes that would make it better.  
in love with the fact that the thermometer in my car reached fifty degrees yesterday!  yes 50! (woot!  fleeting sure, but i will celebrate any small step toward spring!)

in love with watching the Olympics each night cuddled up with my family on the couch.

and in love with the knowing that friends will be gathering at the gallery show in Houston today,  celebrating mommahood. 

have a wonderful weekend.
what are you in love with today?


Sarah Jane said...

Oh my yumminess! These look so wonderful. I'm adding crescent rolls to the grocery list right now.
And hope you're feeling better.
Take good care.

Char said...

today i'm in love with the thoughts of warm weather tomorrow, even if it rains on sunday. we're going to go fly kites.

vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

hurray for friday!
enjoy all of those wonderful things... I might have to make those rolls as a weekend treat-YUM.

sending you lots of good healing energy... hoping to get back into the swing of things out here again soon. I miss all of you!

Karina said...

I have a package in the fridge right now. I'm supressing the urge to make them as an afternoon snack, because I'm holding out for breakfast tomorrow. Then again, I can always just buy another package tomorrow.

thanks for sharing.

beth said...

milk chocolate or semi-sweet...does it matter ? and YUMMY !!!

and I'd love evan to come to my house for dinner...and talk about his medal and his perfectly made outfit and and can come, too :)

reen said...

50 degrees! Now, you're just showing off. It only reached 45 here in "the South"!

Anonymous said...

Try peanut butter with those chocolate amazing!

Jennifer Tankersley said...

I've just been to Mom 2.0 and am heading back home to Maine! I took special note of your gorggeous photographs at the exhibit. I am so curious where you are located in Maine? Would love to connect with you either online or in person sometime.


Alina said...

I just made some a few weeks back with just some butter sugar and cinnamon inside for fika(swedish way we call coffee and snack time with family and or friends). I am surprised I ahd never made these in the past. I am going to try it wth chocolate sometime....

Heather @36 balloons said...

Hey---now I know what to surprise the munchkins with for breakfast tomorrow. No choco chips here, but we've been on a cinnamon kick. yum!