Saturday, March 06, 2010


saturday's color is ORANGE.
like good old vitamin c for our soul.
happy orange saturday you crazy color group lovers.


Shalet said...

I was waiting until midnight but then realized it IS midnight in Maine. Here comes the ORANGE!

lucy said...

oh my gosh, i had forgotten how much a long for color after this crazy winter. these are just delectable! so juicy!

:) erin said...

eeek!!! my favorite color of all time. yum.
thanks for stopping by...and yes, go repierce your nose ring! you would look adorable. :)

Christina said...

I was so jazzed and excited to do this project... but missed Thursday somehow. All Friday I took pictures of green... I've been off all week.

I'm so happy I found your blog by the way... GORGEOUS.