Friday, March 05, 2010

pretty in pink

HOT pink that is....
day 2 in for the LOVE of COLOR week.
here is just a tiny sampling from the group this morning at 8 am!
already up and rocking the hot pink, raspberry, fuchsia colors.
(yesterday the group wound up at 201 members strong and you all came up with well over 200 green photos!  amazing job.) 

* TGIF!  and happy hot pink hunting...  XO!


Char said...

awww, thanks honey for including me! I'm so excited over this group. though i love the muted colors, i am adoring this splash of vivid this week. so refreshing! Great idea.

Lisa G. said...

great photos, thus far! living in a home with a bunch of boys, this is a tough task. I'm going to have to hunt outside, for sure!

backyard*INK said...

thanks for starting such a fun group! I really needed a project right's getting hard to keep this 365 project going when i'm stuck in the house. So, thanks for all your inspiration! :)

Shalet said...

Awesome! I put my pink in the pool. Seriously great idea Kristin. Love it!

vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

I loved how today, when I opend my flickr stream is was covered in bright, beautiful PINK!
so good.
I really do need to get my camear back in action. I am sure she thinks I have totally forgoten about her. poor little dear.


Suvarna said...

Wow, hot pink fever this is beautiful!
I almost forgot to post, thanks for the reminder.

:) erin said...

what a lovely pretty pink Friday! Speaking of green, I am having a hand cozy giveaway on my blog...don't forget to stop by. good luck.