Wednesday, March 31, 2010

what i will remember of three

today is your last day as a three year old sweet one.
you have grown so much this year.
you began 3 so much more a baby and now you are all girl.  (though you will forever be our baby)
when i think of three i will remember:
  • your love of that pink ballerina tutu, your cowgirl hat,  your hello kitty swimsuit and your rubber rain boots.
  • the year you  stopped saying "eep-uh-mul"  and started saying "oatmeal".  (i always miss the toddler words when they go away)
  • the year you found your love of the outdoors,  no longer afraid of the ocean or the snow.
  • the year you drew your first faces
  • the year you grew in size and opinions
  • the way your eyes squint  and your nose crinkles when you laugh
  • that gap in your smile that is so much a part of you
  • your beautiful mess of curly hair and that you never let me do anything to.  no braids, no ponytail, no pigtails, no barrettes, nope not you.
  • that blue dress you wanted to wear every single day this summer
  • the way you graze all day long, forever hungry, asking for "squishies, fishies and raisins"  at every turn.
  • the year you developed your gag reflex at the dinner table (sighhhh)
  • you now go potty, brush your teeth, and get dressed all on your own.
  • your interest in taking pictures like me,  you wear my vintage kodak around your neck all the time, and also handle my camera really great!
  • you still have deep love for "favorite puppy" yet you have added a few new members to your 'family';  "pink turtle",  "other favorite puppy" &  "fuzzy blue puppy."  (i will always love that you never give any of your stuffed friends  a typical name but rather call them exactly what they are)
  • your deep love and affection for your big brother and sister.
  • you are a daddy's girl and a jeep girl (those 2 things kind of just go hand in hand)
  • the way you dance and dance and dance
  • your love for the color pink 
  • you have your daddy's warm brown eyes and my independent spirit.
  • you know how to get dirty, you still eat most things with your hands, you like to stay up late and talk your poor brother's ear off and when he finally gives in to sleep you are still up fidgeting and playing in your bed.
  • you have still not chosen a dominant hand.  most days i think you will be a lefty but then you go and use your right as well.  
  • you are sweet and stubborn and silly and spunky a little firecracker in one tiny body.
  • you still have your baby belly and i like to squeeze it.
  • and they way only you call me "mummah"
i am sure i missed so many things,  you are bright and busy and so very social.  beautiful inside and out.  you can be fiery and feisty and just your very own you.
tomorrow you will wake a four year old.
what new adventures does four have in store for you?  i can only imagine.
happy last day of three dear casey,
momma loves you


vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

oh this is the sweetest. I love reading about what a year can bring, these little people in our lives are full of surprises and joy and things we never thought possible.
happy birthday to you and to that sweet baby girl of yours~

Michelle said...

This is a beautiful post...makes me wish I had a little girl. I have to say...February's photo is my favorite. I have a thing for "smug"..!

jodi said...

this is so incredibly sweet. what a wonderful documentation of her year. i'm sure you will both treasure this for years to come.

jag said...

What a beautiful tribute to being three! With this post, you have given her a gift to treasure and carry with her as she grows up. Be sure to print it and keep it somewhere special!!

You are quite the mummah...

xanthe said...

so utterly wonderful! so much love and spirit found in this post, it's so precious. x..

Monybean said...

What a sweet tribute to your wee oNe :)

Maegan Beishline said...

This is such a sweet post! I am teary-eyed thinking about how my Layla will be turning four also in just ten days and how many of those things you mentioned are true to her as well. Sending sweet birthday wishes to your dear Casey and big mama hugs to you!

{hope you are all feeling better, btw!}

Maureen said...

How very sweet. I love it. Happy birthday, Casey! Big hugs to you and your awesome Momma!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet, I miss my three year old....he's 21 now...smiles.

shannonblue said...

This is so sweet - seriously brought tears to my eyes. My girl is turning 3 on Monday and it amazes me how fast they grow up. Great tribute.

JaL said...

This brings an audible "Awww" which is usually reserved for something sweet & special....exactly your words here.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday casey! what a sweet sweet post of memories.

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

oh SWEETNESS! Happy 3!!!

suvarna mollerup said...

beautiful, amazing how much changes in a year

truly blessed said...

be still my heart.♥
i love how you remember all the little details.
she will cherish this as will you, forever.
happy birthday to her and momma day to you.

Jakki said...

so very sweet! i imagine this as a scrapbook page...