Tuesday, March 30, 2010

silver linings

hi everyone.
not much to post here.  feeling a bit quiet these days. 
we are all down and out with germs that have been taking residence an entire month now in our home. i had escaped this sinus infection for weeks now but it has officially caught up with me too and my head feels like a brick.  we are making what feels like our 16th trip to our doctor this afternoon.  to say this is wearing thin on us all would be a huge understatement.  it continues to rain and be cold  march is leaving like a lion and not a lamb, and i am feeling a bit moldy.  :) 
we ALL need spring and some sun and warmer air and open windows and blooms and leaves and grass and outdoor play  and a chance to air out these germs.  (that is not too much to ask now is it?  sure sounds like a lot)  
kellen needs to NOT cough, just for 1 day,  that would be a great day.  and a full night of restful sleep for him would be such a gift as well.   he needs to be well enough to go to school again and see his friends.   we are waiting.  having ill little ones (and not so little ones),  2 surgeries, and a lingering winter have done taken its collective toll on spirits around here, theirs and mine.
i am still striving to stay positive each day.
searching out those silver linings to our clouds. 
with that said, i am blessed to be a sahm.  i have the freedom and flexibility for these sick days.  i do not need to juggle or stress about a job and my children.  so many are not that lucky.  i need to remember this. the weather forecasters are predicting we will see the sun in a few days, we are ready!  bring. it. on. 
casey is turning four on thursday.  our baby will be FOUR! (wow)   some sunshine would be a great gift for her special day.

i will see you when we are a bit sunnier.  
hopefully that is soon.


jodi said...

hang in there. spring is definitely headed your way!

Jakki said...

its coming...i promise, its coming!

Kris's Kaptured Moments said...

get well soon. the warmer days should bring relief for you all. If all else fails, pack em up n bring to Dallas. We'll show you some sunshine.

gonzomama said...

4 !?!?!

oh, momma. i hope you are all on the mend and that the sun will be shining bright by thursday!

Tina said...

i've been reading bits and pieces of your post from google reader. i don't comment much but i wanted to let you know i've been keeping you in my nightly prayers. glad you're home and safe.