Saturday, April 03, 2010


spring is full of firsts.
first crocus sighting
first daffodils
first soft green grass
first buds
our cardinal returning to the bushes out front.

yesterday we saw our very first forsythia in bloom.  i just love when you happen upon a huge patch of yellow like this.  it is such happiness to me.
i get giddy about it, and my excitement spreads to the kids.
i love when they spy something new growing and can't wait to show me.
kellen has a little ritual each morning when he is ready to leave for school,  he puts on his shoes and coat and tells me he is going outside to check the plants...  :)   and he does.  i love that.

happy weekend everyone.


Jakki said...

So very sweet...but I have a secret...when I come home from work, I cant go in the house until I've seen what my plants are doing, LOL. I have document it (pictures) and make sure everything is a-okay...

Emom said...

dWhat a sweet child....smiles.

Char said...

i just got home from cape may, nj and this is the thing i loved the most (besides seeing my grandmother) is the hedges of forsythia everywhere - it was gorgeous