Thursday, April 01, 2010

a very good day

turning four was quite happy.
it began with morning and 1 special gift to open.
the clouds parted mid morning and the sun shone for the first time in days.
we drove kellen to school and then on to pick up a few balloons ~ she chose a rainbow.
later a lunch date , just the 2 of us.  her choice, pizza hut.  2 personal pan pizzas, strawberry lemonade for her & water for me.  complete with a little girl talk and coloring.  we drove to see if the big daffodil fields were blooming yet.  not quite, but she had fun running the hills with her balloons tied to her wrist and her special gift in hand.  then after school pick ups and big sister drop offs we came home and made homemade buttercream icing to decorate her cake.  the cake?  she wanted a chocolate cake with pink frosting and polka dots and Woody and a ballerina.  (LOL!)  yes woody from toy story.  toy story is big in this house.  so a few bowls of icing spread high, kellen and casey in charge of putting the polka dots in place, i saved woody and bo peep as a surprise for later...  daddy came home with a bouquet of flowers for his girl.  pink of course, she was so pleased.  dinner of homemade mac n cheese and broccoli, pink decorations everywhere, her baby picture on the table,  & family surrounding her.  then a few more gifts, and onto the cake and candles and singing.  i think it was all she hoped for.  
sweet one i hope all your wishes come true.


Jakki said...

so very very sweet. days like this are so special and not just because it was a birthday but because of the connection you had as a family...I love that.

seg said...

Great post! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!