Friday, April 30, 2010

funked on friday

guess what?
i am sick.
really?  ugh.
just back from the doctors a double whammy of bronchitis and a sinus infection with fever and body aches as a bonus package.  i am SO over it.  O V E R!
yeah i am in a boo-hoo funk.
so i thought i'd write a list of the food i indulged in while on our road trip.  a food coma type of happiness to take my mind off things....

pennsylvania has some mighty fine food.  food i grew up on, food i Crave (yes with a capital C!) 
so going there always involves eating all those things i miss so much.  comfort food to me.

my one MUST have is any of the following sandwiches from V&S Sandwich Shop.
  • cheesesteak on a soft roll
  • italian on a hard roll
  • or buffalo chicken cheesesteak on a soft roll.  yummm
i had an italian thanks to my daddy.  he ran and got me one,  oh and with a bag of their french fries too!  quite possibly the best fries on earth.  the kind you eat half the bag in the car before you even get home...  hubby and i once lived walking distance to V&S.  not good.  they pump the smell out of that building and i am like a moth to a flame.  it was bad!  but oh so good.  :)

i had a hot roast beef sandwich (chuck style roast beef) smothered in gravy with fries (yes again with the fries)
now my all time fave places for this meal is a diner.  particularly Fegley's or Dairyland BOTH of which have gone out of business!  i am still very saddened by this.  
my friend amy taught he a super great trick for fresh homemade donuts.
now philadelphia is FULL of good food.
anything you want you can get, and we did.
had a philly cheesesteak at Jim's on south street.  it was delicious.  i wish i had gotten 2. 
we went to the Reading Terminal Market and indulged in many things.  i had a beef sandwich from DiNic's with sharp provolone cheese and broccoli rabe.  hubby grabbed another cheesesteak, and jen got the Italian style pork sandwich.  kellen had tuna sub and casey had pizza. we picked up 2 packs of sticky buns for breakfast the next day.  they were still warm!!!  one with nuts and raisins and the other plain.   we got assorted flavor cupcakes from flying monkey bakery.   had italian ice from joe's.  a monster order of assorted sushi one night for dinner from hikaru. and last night there guys got burgers from new wave, while jen and i got take-out from Dmitri's.  hummus, octopus, shrimp scampi, greek salad, warm grilled pita bread, and meatballs.  oh yes.  

things i would have eaten had i stayed longer....
  • more V&S!
  • baked potato soup at Austin's (the best)
  • stromboli from Your Place.
  • rita's italian ice
  • apple dumpling
  • soft pretzel
  • my dad's german pancakes. 
so yes it was good eats in PA. 
great company and food shared with friends and family.


Anonymous said...

oh feel better soon!! i hope you got some meds in you to help kick out the yuck.

but mmmmm, stromboli.
i'm drooling over your food list!

wendy said...

I am feeling your pain litterally. Sick, sick, sick myself. Ugh I hate it too!
Hope you feel better soon.

We went to Pennsylvania for vaction 2 years ago. Philadelphia was one of our favorites cities and we ate at the Reading Terminal almost everyday we spent there. Amazing variety of food!!

Life in Eden said...

Geno's Shemno's -- Jim's is the place. And my friends used to live down the street from Dimitri's. Sigh.

feel better!

carmen said...

I just gained 10 pounds reading that list. But, oh my, what a list. I'm drooling. I'm going to make some notes for the next time I'm in Pennsylvania. Travel and good eating go hand in hand for me.

p.s. Dearest, I hope you feel better soon. Being sick, especially at this lovely time of year, is a real pain in the ass. xoxox

Papillon Sky Photography said...

NO!!! Not sick again! I'm so sorry!
Take me with you the next time you go to PA! The food sounds delish!
Get well soon!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is Emma and I live in Australia. I recently found your blog and am enjoying seeing your life and especially your photos. Hope you get better soon!