Friday, May 21, 2010

friday already? what the?!?!

how the heck is it friday?
this past week feels like a whirlwind!  phew...
prom- then #6 birthday- then hubby in need of some tlc yesterday and BAM it is friday.
well alrighty then.
a roller coaster of milestones and emotions this week for this momma to match the roller coaster new england spring weather.  on wed i could NOT get warm enough.  it was raining and cold, that raw kind of cold, you know?   all i wanted to do all day was climb back under my covers and nap.  a certain 4 yr old frowned upon that kind of behavior, so i resisted.  then yesterday the beautiful sun came back and with it warm air, really warm air for here.  so i went from wanting to take a whole day nap to wanting to be outside for HOURS!  weather does that to me.  i have tried to fight it all my life, but there is no fighting it.  it is just who i am.  i need sun and i prefer warm.  period.  and i am happier when i get it.  so thank you thursday!  i loved you!  :)

well it is friday i'm in love... 
in love with snail mail surprises {above}.
in love with these summer shoes my bff jen pointed me to.  sweet!
in love with this print from vol25. 
in love with this tee!  (i dream of campers like that.  shasta love)
and how cute is this little cloud?
then i heard this sweet song on the radio yesterday while sitting in my car alone, windows down enjoying the warmth in the air, noshing a bacon egg and cheese biscuit (yum), and it took me away.  van is just sweet summertime to me.

               "we were born before the wind
                 also younger than the sun..."

happy friday everyone.
may your weekend be full of little things that make you smile.


Vanessa @ SoDarnHappy said...

oh you're feeding a serious addiction by sharing those keens with me. <3

Sorry about that first comment..I was logged into the wrong account.

Emom said...

So happy that you are enjoying life! smiles

Isa said...

Oh, I adore your blog and your photography! Stunning and so inspiring!

kristen said...

I keep saying, it's June 21st already?!? We're moving in 28 days and this house is no where NEAR packed!

I dream about a camper like that too - someday, I'm going to have one in my backyard and it's going to be our studio/hang out caravan. If you build it they will come. :)

Char said...

that may be my favorite van morrison song ever....and then i hear another and think that one is my favorite.

but i love love love that song