Monday, June 28, 2010

vt day 3

vermont day 3 
we woke to rain, took a trip to the nursery, snacked on chipotle chocolate chip muffins at The Bee's Knees (sweet & spicy yum!), the rains let up and the sun came out.  we played at diane's, met the baby ducks, potluck of pizzas and pesto watermelon and ice cream with many friends.  then the kids went back to the frog pond til dark.  frogging was the highlight of kellen's trip for sure.  all the kids shared 2 nets and scooped many more with their bare hands.  jessica's husband gave kellen some great advice when he was becoming frustrated, and within minutes he had his first frog in his hands!  and that was all it took.  he had the frog fever!

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Bohème Circus said...

Very beautiful pictures ! I like very much; your presentation give us a good idea of your day... and this day seems very joyful!