Monday, June 28, 2010

vt days 4 & 5

day 4 was a big one.
we began the morning at diane's with pancakes made by emmett with a hint of coconut in them.  starting a day like that you know it is bound to be a good one.  em and kellen headed out across the street after breakfast for a marathon frogging round.  we packed up and headed to caspian lake, the same lake my husband learned how to swim in as a child.  it was windy,  which he tells me it almost always is, the sun was out,  the kids played,  we flew a kite,  i swam out to the barrier and back (that felt GOOD.  man i miss real swimming!) emmett brought his kayak, diane brought face paint and painted lots of little cheeks. we were not done there. we packed up and headed to the circus.  circus smirkus.  again my hubby comes into play here,  he attended the very first circus camp offered by the now owner of this very circus.  a circus made up solely of child and teen performers.  it was really awesome!  if you are in the northeast check out a show, & bring snacks and drinks it is a long one.  you will not be disappointed.   those kids were freaking amazing!  after the circus it was time for a few goodbyes.  i got all choked up watching casey hug her friends goodbye.  we then followed tara to her home where the kids played,  lit sparklers, caught a firefly.  tara and i chatted for hours while we enjoyed a bottle of wine. 

morning day 5,  i packed up the car while tara made us all buttermilk waffles with vermont maple syrup of course.  then we were on our way back home to maine.

thank you vermonters.
you were so kind to us.
we made so many wonderful memories. 


Char said...

what a wonderful visit

Shalet said...

I love love LOVE that photo! And I must say I'm jealous of your lovely trip. Oh I need a vacation!

Erin Wallace said...

This is an absolutely beautiful blog (found you through Madeline Bea) - I've signed up to follow you and would be delighted if you would visit my blog and perhaps follow it!

xo Erin

Anonymous said...

this trip is magic. pure magic. what a gift all these beautiful people were to your family, as indeed you and yours were for them. what wonderful memories kellen and casey will have from this amazing trip!

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Glad you had such a great time in Vermont! Where did you stay? Have you ever heard of bread and puppet? They are a little more "granola" than Circus Smirkus, but are really fun for kids to visit too! And Willoughby. Lake Willoughby is so beautiful. Or the Fairbanks museum. That place is freakin' cool!

Mark those down for your next visit.