Monday, July 05, 2010

a true 4th weekend

4th of july can come and go some years and it never truly feels like the summers of my youth.  
cookouts, sun, swimming, heat,  you know, the good stuff.  this year summer delivered all the way up here in maine.  unseasonably high temps and bright bright sunshine.  i would say this was a 4th for our personal record books.  
  • we cooked out ~ hamburgers, corn on the cob on the grill with garlic basil butter (oh so good), and my go to in summer, bruschetta.  fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic all drenched in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  (drool worthy.  and i would be the one drooling.  i could eat this stuff every. single. day.)
  • we ate pie  ~ (ok, pieS) hubby baked double crust apple and my mom and kellen baked a toasted coconut cream.  they did not go to waste.
  • we saw fireworks ~ not once but twice!  we are very lucky to live in a small coastal town that shoots them off every thursday night in the summer just for fun and for the tourists.   then we saw the big display sunday night too. kellen had some sparkler fun,  casey is still not into them.
  • we "swam" ~ i went in the ocean twice on sunday.  dove in.  my whole body. it was hot, the water was not.  it felt good.   then we bought an inflatable pool for our yard for the kids (and us big kids)  to dip in and cool off. 
  • we camped out ~ granted it was in our backyard... still totally counts.  :)  we pitched our new tent last night and the 4 of us slept outdoors.  it was casey's first time.  she can be quite the night owl so we were not sure what we were in for,  plus she likes a nite light.  we need not have  worried, she did great.  she did ask for a light once, we told her no, and she went right to sleep and slept the whole night.  
thank you summertime!  thank you sunshine and warm air.  it was a fun extended weekend.


Carmen said...

Sounds like perfection, Kristin. So glad your weekend was wonderful. Now do it again, and again....all summer.


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Emom said...

I am so glad that you have had some FUN! smiles.

Anonymous said...

you are an awesome momma. :) camping in your backyard? how fun is that?


Kate said...

Sounds SO nice :)
Found this recipe for 'spiced butter' for corn the other day and its to die for. Who would have thought, curry and corn? :)

2Tbsp Olive oil
2Tbsp Softened Butter
1Tbsp fresh, minced Coriander
1Tbsp curry powder or paste
1/2 to 1 tsp lemon juice.

Mix. Chill. slather. :)