Tuesday, August 03, 2010

a big cardboard box

seems we have forts on the brain around here these days.
today the kids decided they wanted to make a tv.
i let them go in the basement and bring up a big box,  they also found a small one to make a remote with, but somewhere mid construction the tv they planned turned into a house.  and so it began. lined with a pillow, windows eventually cut, colored front to back with markers and crayons and chalk.  lots of x's and o's and "love" written on it. of course i coined it the love shack.  i should have cued up some B~52's for them so they could be in on my joke,  but i forgot...
then 1 box was just not big enough for this neighborhood so a second big box came up from the basement and casey made it her "shed".  
it was fun and it really occupied them for a good hour just in coloring them.
and now we have them to play with til the sides give out...  
silly fakers pretending to sleep in their box.
and if you have not read the children's book, Little Boy,  you should.  
all about a little boy and his big cardboard box. one i love to read and re-read to them.
forts are fun.
i wish i had a box big enough for me.
but i would not pretend nap in mine.  oh no, i would NAP.  ;)


Char said...

such precious shots - they melt my heart

beth said...

oh these kids....these photos....those curls....swoon.

Emom said...

One of the most memorable times I had as a child was when my parents bought a new refrigerator and they left the big ol' box that it was delivered in for us children to play in .....days went by before we got bored....thanks for the memories....smiles.

Live Laugh Shoot said...

These are terrific images.

As a child, when someone on our block got a new refrigerator or washer/dryer - the idea of having that huge box to play with was as exciting as Christmas.


Kylie said...

beautiful, precious shots. wonderful that you recorded this with words + photos :o)

Kimberly June said...

Those adorable curls and the big brown eyes of your little boy are absolutely precious.

blue china studio said...

That second photo reminds me of a fairytale image. Just beautiful.

My son used to love to make forts from boxes. I have a photo when at 4 years old he insisted on sleeping overnight in it. I have a photo of his little toe sticking out from under this huge box, he being sound a sleep and stretched out on his stomach. I think I recall he made it through half the night...