Monday, August 16, 2010


      sunday baking      =     monday breakfast

i made good on that desire to bake my first ever peach pie.
on sunday, casey and i went to a local fruit/lobster stand.  yes i live in maine.  :)
we bought 5lbs of really ripe peaches.

hubby made the crust.  we love america's test kitchen double crust pie dough recipe.  flaky, simple, easy pie crust,  truly.  they call for a food processor to combine the ingredients,  we used our mixer and it works just fine.

and for the filling i went with hannah's (honey & jam's) "sweet as a georgia peach pie" recipe.
simple ingredients let the peaches shine!
hannah commented that hers did not hold up well but tasted perfect,  so i assumed mine would also be a sloppy mess.  i forced myself to wait over an hour as it cooled.  resisting the urge to cut into it,  and i think that must have helped,  because once i did it was not a mess at all.  it held up really well and it DOES taste perfect.  

i am not sure why i have never baked a peach pie before.  for some reason i thought it would be difficult or fussy,  it was not at all.  peeling the really ripe peaches was messy. STICKY!  but other than that it was so very simple.  and quite possibly my favorite pie i have ever baked.  

yay for the summer of pie.
and yes i totally ate this for breakfast this morning.  :))


Leslie McCaffrey said...

I put my peaches in a pot of boiling water for 1 minute and then the skin just slips right off... might not make it so sticky?
Nothing better than pie with your coffee, looks so good!

kristin said...

thanks for the tip! i will try that next time for sure.

shelly said...

i have been craving peach EVERYTHING and this pie looks divine :)

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

O wow. I love the peaches before/after.

Soo good!

lilia said...

That is sooo funny - I just had blackberry/peach crisp (with cottage cheese) for breakfast, and was wishing that I had shot the berries and peaches beforehand so that I could do a diptych! :-)

Char said...

the boiling water trick works so well!!

and yes...peaches are divine. don't let those georgia girls fool you...alabama peaches are wonderful too. *grin*

Kylie said...

oh, lovely!
i too have been told of the peaches in boiling water and then straight into ice trick ...
i think i need "bake a pie" on my life list!