Monday, September 27, 2010

13 years today


he + me = us

13 years ago today,  we made that official.

my friend, my partner, i think you are kind of cute.  ;)
thanks for the laughs, your love, the back rubs.  
thanks for being a good dad.  a good baker.  a hard worker.
thanks for laughing at my jokes and being silly with me.
thanks for knowing if there is a "free" sign on the side of the road you best just pull over. 
thanks for knowing that $1 thrifted pillowcase is essential.
through smooth and bumpy roads we have forged a beautiful family together. 
one crazy messy beautiful life.
13 years worth.

we are good "teamers"  (as the kids like to say.)

happy anniversary.
i love you.


Marty said...

So sweet! Happy anniversary you two.
PS Love the new look of the blog

Life in Eden said...

adorable. happy day to you both!

jag said...

Oh, Happy Happy Anniversary to you both! May you always cherish your story of togetherness in all its hues...

vivienne said...

happy anniversary!
these photos are so beautiful!

{Nic Hildebrandt} luzia pimpinella said...

you are adorable... TOGETHER even more!

there is so much love in these photographs... they just make me smile and they make me believe that there's some FOREVER in this world.

happy anniversary!

Becky said...

Congrats!!! Happy, happy to you! Love your blog makeover!

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

Congrats.... awww. So sweet.

Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

awwww! lucky thirteen.
so adorable.

love the new bloggity-blog look.

Melody said...

Happy Anniversary, you adorable couple.

Papillon Sky Photography said...

Oh, you two are just adorable! I love those photos! Congrats on 13 years! My hubby and I met 13 years ago--married for 11!!

jodi said...

hope you had a wonderful day together!

Monica said...

congratulations lady!
the new layout is wonderful! love the header!

Vanessa said...