Friday, September 24, 2010

flu 1.... me 0

yeah totally and completely down and out with the flu.
4 days later i think it may be ending.
now all i can do is hope with all that i am that none of my family gets this.  
please no.
it sucked.


Mackville Road :: Diane said...

Gahhhh! I'm so sorry. I was just thinking last night that it seemed awful quiet over in your corner... fingers crossed no one else gets it... xo

Maegan Beishline said...

Ooooo....that is no fun! I hope you turn the corner soon and that your family stays well! Rest & fluids, my friend! xoxo

Carmen Farrell said...

That's a whole lot of suckage! Here at casa Farrell we've been battling something for a few weeks. All. of. us.

Hope you're better soon, and that everyone else's immune system is strong enough to resist it!

jodi said...


Anonymous said...

get well soon Kristin.

lilia said...

oh, nooo! we've been sick for 2 weeks in our house...I'm just now starting to feel human again. Hang in there, sweetie!!

Char said...

oh no - and here i was wondering if it was too soon to get a flu shot.

feel better soon!