Wednesday, September 01, 2010


yesterday my little superboy walked right into first grade.
he was brave.
i watched him climb up on the swings in the play yard and swing all on his own.  he had worked hard all sumer to master that.  i knew in that moment his heart felt big and full.  i picked him up after school and he was sweaty and smiling.  i think it was all a bit much for him to put to words, so we drove to mcdonalds,  grabbed an ice cream cone and just chilled out. 

today my eldest got up and got herself out the door in time for her first day of twelfth grade.   her SENIOR year.  my hope is she makes the most of this special time.  your senior year should be a bit of a celebration before stepping your feet out into the real world. SO much growth for her this year.

yesterday, after we saw kellen off to his new class, i was feeling tender.  i took the long way home to gather my emotions.  i stopped my car here and there to take a few photos, searching for beauty.  it was so sunny. the leaves have been changing here already.  in the sunlight they just look so much grander.  the whole day the word change was stuck in my head.  the change in the leaves,  change of the seasons, change in our schedules, change in our family dynamic, change change change....  i was feeling quite off balance by it all,  then late last night i found this quote, 

"life is change. growth is optional. choose wisely."

true indeed.  i needed those words to remind me that change truly can be growth,  but only if i choose it to be.
thank you universe.


Erika said...

I love that quote!

And I love thinking change is exciting.

Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

yes yes.
here is to growing!

Plain and Joyful Living said...

I wrote that quote down -thank you for sharing.

stephanie from texas said...

opinduchi too have my eldest child in his senior year and my youngest in his 1st grade year. so naturally this post resonates with me. it was beautiful.
and i agree....that quote is lovely.

toni said...

i know exactly what you're feeling. the bitter-sweetness of motherhood. that quote is very true! xo.

{Amy} said...

i love this quote. my little guy started kindergarten 2 weeks ago and it was/is very difficult for me...things are different and changing and it's hard for me to accept that i have no control over it. time keeps moving right along, huh?