Sunday, September 05, 2010

oh hi it's me.

1 week of school down,
too many more to go.
thank goodness for the 4 day labor day weekend.
we put it to good use.
met a new friend on thursday. (thanks for coming lee) showed her our ocean and our "city".
then friday i drove to the green mountains to see 3 of my favorite girls.
we potlucked (my new favorite word this summer)
one insanely cute small person accidentally called 911 (oh lily)  and to her defense it is a big bright red button and the phone. heck if i was a toddler i'd push it too!
said hello and thank you to the nice state trooper who arrived to the call.
ate my very first indian meal. (more like, devoured!!! thank you tara)
celebrated 2 belated birthdays with pie (my other favorite word)  complete with its own bunting. i have no proof of any of this since somehow not one of us took a picture of the pie!  (lol)
spoke a little japanese....   mojitos can make you do that in case you didn't know...  ;)
and saw a pretty rainbow in a pink dusky sky.
all of us survived a pretty much sleepless night, put our morning grumpiness to bed with fresh sugary donuts, warm peach muffins, and coffee. we then gussied our tired sweaty mosquito bitten selves up for a tea party luncheon.  i think we looked quite pretty.  it was fun to be a girl who has tea.  vermont is just very good to us.
the kids caught frogs and a mouse. saw some very pretty (albeit creepy) spiders. drank from the cold pump, saw the abandoned car in the woods, set up epic battles with their toys,  played dress up, walked barefoot, got good and dirty together with their friends.  
we visited "big nana" and delivered her photos of her recent trip to maine. then we piled back in the car and drove the drive through the mountains and a rainstorm complete with another rainbow,  back home to our beds in maine. 

today it was sunny and cool out.  jeans and a long sleeve shirt kind of day.  felt nice.
we had dinner at the playground, and tomorrow we STILL have 1 more day off together!  
a very good long weekend indeed.


Kristina said...

sounds like a great long weekend. except the 911 - hope everything is good!
viele grĂ¼sse, kristina

shelly said...

you did all this in ONE weekend? geezsh lady! lol

sounds like a fun weekend, hope you enjoyed it!

and yes, i agree, mojitos will make you do crazy things :)

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

That sounds like a great long weekend! Glad you made it back to the green mountain state. Hope you get to return in a few weeks when the leaves are in full "bloom"

Cabin Fever in Vermont

Char said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend - sorry i'm behind on the flickring.

amy said...

I grew up in Vermont and have lived all over the country (currently in AL) and there is just no place like it. Pretty sure my soul is shaped like the Green Mountains. Love your pictures and your words.