Sunday, September 12, 2010

jodi... in living color...

this weekend my friend jodi traveled up from NY for a quick yet wonderful visit to maine.
some people get nervous about meeting their online friends.  i cannot stress enough how much of a total blessing it has been in my life these past 3 years. i have met so many i am beginning to lose count, and i must say that most have become dear friends.  friends i wish lived closer, but friends i cherish no matter the distance.  so if you are on the fence about trying to meet an internet friend in person i say GO FOR IT!    

jodi arrived late friday
so saturday we packed as much good stuff as we could.  the weather was sublime!  sunny and warm,  beach warm.  
  •  we all hit the beach
  • walked down to the pier & back
  • dug in the sand
  • went home and cooked lunch
  •  went to the arcade and played skeeball (helping jodi check off #20 on her 33 things list).
  • got completely stumped in the photobooth 
  • snapped some polaroids
  • took a drive up the coast to show her our fave cove where we... 
  • hopped on a bench
  • showed her the honor system flower stand i love
  • drove into portland for some fun shopping
  • ate a nice dinner just the 2 of us at the corner room
  • great conversation food and friendship
  • the next day we had breakfast, the kids made her some art, and we took a quick trip back to the beach to snap the polaroid above of jodi with her toes in our sand before saying "see you soon"  because "goodbye" is just plain sad...  i DO hope my hubby and i get a chance to visit NYC again soon and meet up with jodi and her hubby.  she is the best tour guide of her city!  and who knows, maybe even get the kids there this winter to see NYC in all its holiday glory.
xo jodi!
thanks for coming to play.  we all loved having you here and miss you already!


Emom said...

Great weekend for you both! smiles.

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend. That activities list makes me want to visit Maine (or anywhere on the northeastern coast, really).

Kylie said...

sounds wonderful!
i have met one flickr friend IRL, i only have one other contact that lives in the same country, but i do hope one day i can meet a few overseas!

jodi said...

how did i miss this??

hooray! thanks so much for a wonderful weekend, kristin. i had such a great time with you and your family. can hardly wait to come back!

and i second your thoughts on meeting internet friends. it might seem a little scary at first, but my internet friends are some of my bestest! xo