Monday, September 13, 2010

snail mail love

i LOVE getting mail.
i LOVE sending mail.
a card, note or postcard in my mailbox makes me smile.
 i decided to print up a new postcard set for autumn using my favorite shots from last fall.

*orange maple leaves * a favorite acorn * a collection of tiny treasures * basket full of smooth chestnuts * a vine or yellowed flowers and berries * delicious caramel apples at the fair * and a cup of warm cider and hot apple cider donuts at the orchard*  yum.
7 postcards printed on 4x6 heavy card stock in a glossy finish,  wrapped in twine with a few postcard stamps included so you can get right to writing.  The cards are blank on the back so you can mail them as a postcard, or tuck them in an envelope for gifting.  
I have printed sets in the past but this set is by far my personal fave.  autumn is just full of goodness to photograph and these images all make me smile.  i hope you like them as well.



Emom said...

They are lovely....smiles.

aapuzzanchera said...

i love mail. it makes me feel special that someone has taken the time to write me a letter or whatever. no email can compare.

Teena said...

... I love sending mail too ... thanks for helping us to do just that ... have a great weekend ...