Thursday, September 16, 2010

proud momma

this week has flown by. i am still struggling with the new rhythms to our days now that school is in full swing. another week is over and i think what? really? hmmmm.
tonight we attended the 'back to school' open house at the elementary school.
kellen would get to show us his classroom again, we'd meet the teacher and get to speak to her a little more then the whirlwind of the first day a few weeks back, and the principal was speaking to everyone welcoming us all to the new school year.
at the end of last year we knew one of kellen's art pieces had been chosen for the "principal's gallery" but in all honesty we really did not know exactly what that meant. we were of course very proud of him especially since he really loves art and takes such pride in it himself. over summer vacation we had kind of forgotten about the gallery. i guess i assumed a few pieces from each class were chosen to be displayed somewhere, but tonight we found out it was a much greater honor. his was the only piece chosen for his grade (kindergarten). only 1 piece of art from each grade was chosen, then matted, framed and hung in the hall. they had had an assembly at school that day where his name was announced along with the names of the higher grade honorees. he never said a word about it. so tonight we got to meet his art teacher who gushed about his love of art. we went down the hall where we found it hung and i got all emotional. i really struggled, and still do, with placing him in school. i know in many ways school is wonderful for him, but of course i worry that his creative and sensitive sides will somehow be changed or not encouraged as much as i would like. so tonight seeing his art there behind real glass with his name on the mat made my heart swell. i truly got a lump in my throat and choked back happy tears right there in the hallway. to me that was such a big deal for my little boy, even though he did not make a big deal out of it, that is just his way. i know each day he will walk that hallway and see it hanging there. i hope it makes his big heart swell a little each time knowing 'hey that is mine up there.' and that is pretty special.
so is he.


keli @ kidnapped by suburbia said...

he is amazing.
YOU are amazing.
congratulations to kellen!!

xanthe said...

good tears, so happy for you both! the creativity just oozes out of you and your family x.

Mackville Road :: Diane said...

Hurray for Kellen! What a great thing. Now I'm all choked up too : )

Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

oh wow mama.
that piece he did is beautiful. keep encouraging him and he will flourish no matter where he is (I know youdo this anyway though!)
congrats to Kellen (and you too)

Debbie E said...

he is pure sunshine Kristin

kristin said...

thank everyone.

Papillon Sky Photography said...

Oh, Kristin! That is so cool! I love his expression and his piece of art! Wow!!! He takes after his mama!!! Congrats Kellen!!!

Kylie said...

yah Kellen! i love his art - so beautiful! Congrats to the both of you