Tuesday, October 19, 2010

first frost

 today i woke up, got the kids moving & fed, we headed out the door to school and the cold air hit my face. i wondered was it cold enough to make the first frost of the season?  the sun had been up for some time already.  you usually have to be up and out earlier to catch the frost. today it waited for me. on one side of my yard, the shady side of course, i spied the frozen blades of grass as we drove by. after dropping kellen at school, casey and i came right home hoping to capture the frost with my camera. it sure is pretty.  cold but pretty.  it ices the tips of the fallen leaves so they look like they are dipped in sugar. it only lasted but another half hour as the sun warmed the air and melted the frost away.  will we get snow early this year? last winter was a mild one for us here, that was a good thing to me. last year the kids trick or treated without coats on, that was a nice treat. i wonder what this year will bring?

after getting wet in the frosty grass i came indoors and went to work on kellen's quilt top. it is really coming together. i am loving the colors of his.  hers is soft and vintage,  where his is vivid and warm.  i finished sewing all 13 rows today. now comes the tedious part of ironing all the seams flat before pinning the rows together to assemble the top, but i am anxious to see it finished so i will get to that ironing. 

i used many fabrics from the scrap box my mom gave me a few weeks back, then i went shopping and added some to the mix that i feel fit who he is and what he likes to make it personal.  kellen's quilt.  ships and mermaids for the pirate sea loving boy in him, and wood grain, leaves and apples for the nature loving boy in him. i am really enjoying making these.  i hope he loves it too.  plus it is getting cold,  it would feel really great to get these finished and on their beds asap.


Jen at Cabin Fever said...

We had a wicked hard frost here this morning and like you I headed out with my camera too! Chilly, but worth it :)

Miss C (You Next Tuesday) said...

Oh my gosh, do you have a pattern for this? I am going to try and get myself into the adventures of quilt making. These look gorgeous by the way.

Marty said...

His quilt is just beautiful...love those colors!

Monica said...

The quilt looks wonderful.
And I'm jealous that you got your first frost, we're still in the 70s/80s here :[

Rosina said...

Hi :) I'm just popping over from Mackville Road and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading some of your blog today :) We had our first frost a couple of days ago and I must say I am really looking forward to snow now. Not to much, maybe just a little if that is even possible *grin*.