Friday, October 22, 2010

five senses friday

this week has had its fill of ups and downs for our little household.
i am happy to see friday.
chilly sunny friday.
casey and i are huddled up indoors.  some little one is sick, so a day of pj's, soup and kids shows has been the order of the day. 

five senses friday
  1. tasting:  planning a weekend of homemade potato corn chowder and bread bowls baked by my hubby. and i am craving fresh spinach.  heaps of it!  sautéed in garlic please. 
  2. hearing: casey's voice in a funny tone she gets when she is congested.   i am never happy she is sick, but she sure sounds awful cute with that nasally speech.
  3. smelling: the wonderful smell of my neighbor's wood stove burning.  one day i wish to have a living room with a wood stove.
  4. feeling:  at first my response was going to be tired, (up with the sick little one last night) but then the mail lady came with a surprise package filled with the loveliest of things.  such a sweet surprise perked me up. thank you laura.
  5. seeing:  the gorgeous leaves on our huge trees fall like rain these last 2 days.


Kimberly June said...

Beautiful red leaves, I especially love the shot with the slide.

erin said...

oh I am now craving potato chowder AND sauteed spinach! ;) And your photographs perfectly capture the fall- especially love the sidewalk one.

Hope your little one feels better! Happy weekend!

The Rural Life (aka Cornbread Fed) said...

I made some corn chowder this week that was absolutely FABULOUS. I'm sure yours will be too!

I miss our woodburning stove at home. It was kinda bad when you first started it with all of the smoke, but you couldn't beat it once it got started.

My grandma burned coal when I was little, and I loved the smell. I can still sniff out someone burning coal for a mile.

Monica said...

Great pictures!
Now you've got my craving spinach! Haha

I've always wanted a wood-burning stove. I'm so jealous of your neighbor!