Monday, October 04, 2010

a full weekend.

we had a really nice weekend here.
the rains stopped & the sun returned. fall is just glorious in the sunshine i think.
my teenager had her homecoming dance. she got all dressed up and even had a pretty purple pedicure
 i sewed 10 rows of that quilt i wanted to start!  i have never sewn anything with a machine.  i made this my goal for this fall/winter,  and i am loving the results already.
sunday we decorated a little bit for halloween. some spider webs on the bushes, 1 string of orange lights and a few pumpkins.  kellen just BURSTS at the seams to decorate.  so tonight, when he went to bed, he could look out his window and see the orange glow of the lights and he was one very happy boy.
we made it to the apple orchard.  that is one of my favorite fall activities hands down. apples, pumpkins, cider, donuts, hay ride, animals, a tree swing....  yep the best!
we came home and had an unexpected visit from good friends, and then later i took my eldest and her friend out to shoot some senior photos in the sunset.  
it all felt good.  
i also got news from the hospital that i did not have the flu for the past 10 days like i thought, but rather a bacterial infection from food poisoning.  one good thing about all of this is i now know i was not contagious. that is a huge relief.  i was so worried i had some terrible flu and was waiting for it to hit someone else in my family.  it has finally passed for me,  but i may steer clear of chicken for awhile....  
2 years ago i wanted to photograph a tree throughout the year. it was on my birthday "to do" list,  i never did it.  last night my hubby sent me this video of that very thing.  
one spot, 365 days.  one beautiful video.

happy monday everyone,


Char said...

glad you're better...that chicken infection sounds horrible!!

sounds like a great weekend though - i count those as major blessings.

JaL said...

I've always loved elapsed time photography....and more recently discovered I love trees almost as much! Brilliant video thanks for sharing =)

Laurie said...

Oh, Oh...I *love* the video of an entire year!