Friday, October 01, 2010

hello october

october first?!
wow. where did september go?
friday is here again. last friday i was SICK and feeling blue.  
i am still feeling blah.
i hope to shake this feeling quick.
maybe some of these above will help....  :)
mmmm yes warm and delicious fresh from the fryer at the apple orchard.  

kellen joined boy scouts and i cannot express how cute he looks in his uniform and how proud he is to be one.  i love his enthusiasm for life.
casey has been busy drawing these days.  i love to watch this new creativity flow from her.
taylor is gearing up for her last high school homecoming dance this weekend.  a pretty sparkly purple dress is ready to be danced in.  
my mom is bringing over her sewing machine,  i need a little lesson,  then i have grand plans of quilting in my head.

hello october.
kellen has been waiting for you.  
pumpkins-decorations-spider webs- apple picking-treating... yes he is more than ready for you.

happy weekend everyone.

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Monica said...

i couldn't be more excited that october is here. and i hate yet to find a single person who doesn't agree!