Wednesday, December 08, 2010

beautiful mess

my kids are a buzz these days making stuff.
they have always been crafty but the holidays seems to kick it up a notch.
this year the big deal to kellen is snowflakes. he is old enough now to get the whole concept on his own and cut cut cut like a little guy on a mission. paper snippets are EVERYWHERE! i found a branch outside and hung all the snowflakes on twine and attached them to the branch and hung it above our window. they really look pretty and float like they are really falling... if we can't get a real white christmas here, we are surely making our own indoors! :)

what are you making these days?
busy knitting?
please join me & share your own beautiful messes today over at shutter sisters.


Reen said...

Thanks for the inspiration...

Kylie said...

this year the kids and i are going to make snow-flakes ... being that we have a summer Christmas, we have never really done snow-flakes before, so it should be fun to bring winter inside when its hot out! :o) but, gosh yes, the holidays kick it up a notch ... ornaments, cookies, knitting, more baking ....