Thursday, December 16, 2010

love thursday

decking the halls

i really love this time of year.
i love the warm glow of white lights. though my 2 little ones prefer the multi-color strands. their love trumps mine on our tree, as it should be. one day they will be grown, and perhaps i will return to my strands of white lights then, but part of me also thinks i will be so nostalgic for the years when they were young, and that the colorful lights may just wind up staying... :)
i love hand cut paper snowflakes. my best friend sent me some a few years ago in a card. ever since then i make them and always think of hers.
i love warm baked goodness. who doesn't?
vintage shiny brites? yes please! i keep hoping to stumble on a box at goodwill.
and opaque tights with fancy colorful shoes, perfect!

our tree is trimmed. our snowflakes cut. we made a batch of applesauce spice ornaments just the other day and they are ready to be strung today. the christmas cd's are dusted off and playing in the background during our days. most of my cards were mailed last week. i have a few more gifts to get. we are striving to simplify this year in that area and i am really pleased with this and what we have found for the little ones so far... yesterday i felt like a christmas elf, madly sewing some tiny blankets, pillows and curtains for a great wooden dollhouse on someone's santa list this year... shhhhhh it's a secret... :)
we still have cookie baking on our list. and gathering the food for our christmas morning breakfast and meal.

are you busy decking your halls?


Jen at Cabin Fever said...

I love love love your story boards that you post! You do such a lovely job with each photo and then how you combine them is just awesome. Its great to just spend time looking at each one.

And yes, we are currently decking our halls right now, too. Its a lovely feeling.

Cabin Fever in Vermont

Sandy said...

While smaller than normal this year, our halls have been decked. Tree is up, stockings are hung with care, pictures/cards placed lovingly on the table. Now I'll just cross my fingers for it being a white Christmas this year!