Friday, December 17, 2010


happy friday everyone

Today I am kicking off a very unusual fund raising page.
Remember last New Years Day???
I went to the beach and saw "the dip".... and i got SO totally excited that day that I pledged to do it myself this new year. well here we are , new years day 2011 is just around the corner so now I get to back my words up with action and i need your help.
(see that white stuff in the blue? that is not ocean spray... no that my friends is SNOW!)
taken last year @ The Lobster Dip 2010.

lets call it operation LOBSTER DIP ME.

I will be putting my body, on what is sure to be a frigid winter day (see above... snow.)
in the also frigid Atlantic Ocean here in Maine! (please note i rarely put my whole body in that water in August let alone JANUARY! it is cold.) Old Orchard Beach Maine is host to the annual Lobster Dip. ALL monies raised go directly to Maine's Special Olympics. So yes, call me CRAZY, but i am CRAZY for a great cause.

Here is how YOU can help.
Please CLICK HERE here and go directly to my fund raising page and pledge any amount.
no donation is too small!
I know it is the holidays, a bad time to be asking for donations, but just think you can be sitting all warm and cozy in your home on new years day all the while getting a great BIG laugh knowing that I, and my so not swimsuit ready body, will be shivering away in your honor as i take the plunge. i will need all your support that day. Trust me I am already wishing I could chicken out, instead here I am writing this post. No turning back now.
I want to be braver, bolder, more fun, slightly crazy, and all while giving back. And of course someone will be there taking my photo just to show you how very crazy it all turns out to be.
And remember, 100% of your goodwill and support goes directly to the Special Olympics of Maine...
Me, I am hoping for a t-shirt, but I need at least $100.00 in donations to get me one.
Thank you so much for any support you can give.

Let the countdown begin.
14 days til the dip....
oh my.


jodi said...

you are crazy and awesome!! xoxo

Maegan Beishline said...

Oh. My. Gosh! You are nuts, lady! But wow...what an experience that will be! {let Casey know we are thinking of's she's doing without Favorite Puppy? Layla almost cried for her when I told her!}