Monday, December 20, 2010

the numbers

  • this new years date will read 1-1-11 (pretty cool)
  • 12 more days til "the dip."
  • This is the 22nd year of The Lobster Dip.
  • Last year the dip raised a total of $75,000.00! (wow)
  • Statistics gathered from The University of Maine say the winter ocean temperature averages around 35.5 degrees in January for Maine. (brrrrrr!)
  • My goal is to raise $500.00 and i am currently at $365.00 in online pledges. My goal is completely in reach and right now I feel I may even surpass my goal. How great that would be! I said all along if I was going to get in that cold water, I wanted it to count, and thanks to all who have pledged you are making that possible.
  • %100 $$$ pledged goes directly to The Special Olympics of Maine

Pledging continues all the way up to New Year's Day.
So if you have not already, please visit my online fund raising page and pledge whatever you can.
no donation too small.
very soon you will get to see me take the plunge into the cold Atlantic at noon on 1-1-11.

thank you all SO very much

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