Saturday, January 29, 2011

my week of no color.

sticking solely to b&w all week was a challenge for me, but a very good one at that. i was far more selective with my shooting and compositions. i went for mood over "pretty". i am happy with the results. the creative stretching felt good and has inspired me to continue and Erika has created a 52 week project to help push me to follow through with that.
52 Weeks of No Color ~ 1 shot in b&w, sepia or duotone once a week, for 52 weeks. bring it! :)


kristen said...

sthis makes me all kinds of happy and will certainly push me to use the monochrome setting on my camera and also, to shoot b/w film with my old 35mm.

Kimberly June said...

I have never shot in B/W always in color with the chance of changing it later. Hmmmm... I'm intrigued. These are fantastic.

Kelli said...

These are lovely!
I just joined the group... I'm in need of some inspiration.
With all the snow around lately, there's bound to be some good black and white shots!

Bridge said...

I think it's a worthy challenge. I think black and white forces us to be more authentic in our photography. We have to try harder and simplify the beautiful images that surround us!

I adore your photography by the way.