Wednesday, January 26, 2011

help needed

last week my good friend and i were talking and she told me of a terrible fire at a farm near her named Pete's Greens. i knew the farm, i had been there this past summer. i was on a trek in VT with my little ones, we had just left visiting 'big nana' and we followed our aunt to this beautiful roadside farm stand. she to grab some greens, while the kids and i treated ourselves to a box of fresh picked strawberries and a jug of cider. they were the prettiest strawberries with the stems still attached and smelled like summer berries should, so very sweet. so sweet in fact we did not wait to eat those berries, instead we said goodbye to aunt judy and the 3 of us opened the back of the car and sat on the bumper piling berries into our mouths and chugging that cider.
the barn was a beautiful yellow building. of course i had my camera and snapped a few quick shots before we headed back on our way. this is that barn...
i am saddened to say it no longer stands...
on january 12th in the early morning hours it was completely consumed by fire.
the fire destroyed the building, taking equipment and food supplies stored inside.
please visit the farm's website here to read their story.
and if you can, they need your help.

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Joy said...

Hi there, Stumbled across your gorgeous blog just now. We live near Pete's Green's and we get all of our food from them. Very sad!