Saturday, January 15, 2011


we woke to a beautiful frost today and sunshine. the thermometer hanging on our kitchen window was hovering around 9 degrees, but that always reads warmer than "true" temp since it gains heat or our home. hubby quickly checked the weather on his iphone to find that the REAL temp was -4 degrees! wow. that is the coldest this year. by far. i hopped outdoors all layered up for a few shots of the sun through those icy trees and quickly came inside knowing the plans for our day woud be indoors and warm. hubby baked bread last night so we enjoyed some of that and chili is done and simmering on the stove. kids are playing with playdoh. i am in my stretchy pants, layers on top, fuzzy wool socks,and sipping my green tea with honey. (my new obsession) it is to be a lazy easy weekend. tomorrow we may even go bowling after breakfast. fun!

hope you are warm and cozy this weekend too.


Jenny C. said...

Sounds fabulous! And your husband made bread - I'm jealous!

Ada Wada said...

I never had green tea with honey. It sounds nicer than just green tea on its own tho. Probably worth a try then :) I normally drink normal tea with sugar or honey and a bit of juice from squeezed lemon. Or raspberry syrup instead of lemon. It's really nice :)

amanda {the habit of being} said...

this sounds like absolute perfection.