Monday, January 17, 2011

winter color week

poppytalk is hosting winter colour week all this week.
i love color weeks but even more so in the middle of winter when everything seems to be under a blanket of white. a little color therapy feels in order. needed even.

monday : red
i took a little drive today to the grocery store and back. here are the reds i found along the way.
tomorrow's color is white.
that will not be a problem... ;)

and to add to this winter fun my dear friend tara and flickr friend shari have created a little space all their own celebrating winter's distinct beauty found in their home of Vermont.
winterness, even sounds pretty doesn't it?
happy monday everyone.


Leslie said...

Lovely reds! I was out shooting today and had the hardest time finding a single red thing. Luckily a store window helped me out. :-)

Emom said...

Great minds.....smiles.