Monday, April 18, 2011

all gone

today the very last patch of snow in my yard melted.
it it still cold and not feeling much like spring, but the snow is gone.
see ya.
i really should watch what i type, tomorrow we will get 3 fresh inches just because...
no no no.
it is coming.
it will come.
it never skips it turn.... right?


5ennie said...

We got an inch last night too.. Fortunately it melted during the day, but we still have snowbanks.
- a new reader who came followed blog links :)

windrock studio said...

Hey Kristen, yes, it has certainly been enough with the snow! but we had rain today so maybe that's a good sign... still doesn't feel like Spring but I'll take it.
Wishing you well, always

Courtney said...

I was talking about how I am happy spring is here in KS and I said watch tomorrow it will get cold, it did and it drizzled but at least no snow!

i sure hope you start warming