Friday, April 15, 2011

big plans

we had plans for spring vaca. the kids and i were going to drive to PA and see friends in philly and in lancaster, then onto reading to see our family. eat LOTS of good food (do not bring up the philly cheese steaks, the tears will flow), laugh and play. but someone had to go get surgery and mess all that up. oh wait that was me.
SOOOO i have been home all week, no driving orders, this left me with some time to cruise blogland more than usual. and i found a few things to fill my daydreams with.
so this coming week i hope to do a few of the following:
  • have a cupcake fondue party. oh yes we will.
  • add gingham to my life. i was searching for the perfect gingham dress but instead came across this and these.
  • i want to cuff my jeans, wear a cute top, a pair of these and paint my toes hot pink.
  • get a tattoo - re pierce my nose - dye my hair pink to match my toes (ok probably, not but i like to type it anyway.)
  • finish reading this book
  • draw something awesome in sidewalk chalk.
  • have a picnic, maybe 2. one with sushi. and inside if we have to.
  • start a new quilt project. love this idea and i have deep love for these fabrics.
  • beach comb our little cove.
  • try my hand at making cascarones. i foresee a big mess of broken egg shells, but dang they look so cute and happy i have to try. and if i succeed we can take them outside and break them all over the ground, and that sounds like fun!
  • seek out soft green grass anywhere we can and lie in it.
  • maybe have a few dance parties and couch forts (outside sheet forts would be WAY better but spring has only just sprung so it might be a little too cold yet.) speaking of, i would love a tipi.
  • take naps, be lazy, cuddle up, find sun patches to warm in, smell my kids' hair (sunshine/fresh air/salty sweaty hair is THE.BEST.EVER.) and deep fry some pickles.
what have you been waiting to do this spring?
happy friday!


Juanita said...

Sorry to hear your plans for road tripping will be interrupted.That sucks, but it's good that your health problem will now be a thing of the past!

A good list...except for the tattoo and nose piercing...ouch!

We're going into winter here, so I'll throw in my two cents:
- wearing my boots and coat collection;
- making hearty, warming soups;
- harvesting winter vegetables, like turnips, from our veggie patch;
- snuggling under blankies with my hubby reading books.

Andrea said...

Wow! What a lot of nice things to do! What I would like to do is this:

- find some good recipes for fresh salads
- learn to cook a fish dish
- make friends here in Rome (at least one)
- make myself aware of the nice things in my life
- figure out a more efficient routine for my current parental leave

Perhaps those are not very spring specific, but important for the next couple of weeks!

kristen said...

i would love those salt water sandals and that tipi and that's all i need. :)

Lisa Gutierrez said...

cascarones! I'm looking forward to those at Easter time. It's usually our messiest holiday, but the joy on my kiddo's faces when they smack my head with an egg full of confetti is so worth it!

Stephanie said...

cascarones are much easier to make than you think! we used to make them every year when I was growing up in San Antonio. We'd start saving the shells right after the holidays and we made the confetti out of old comics from the newspapers.

Emom said...

Heal well!....
I can't wait to walk on the beach in my bare tootsies....smiles.

keli [at] kidnapped by suburbia said...

i love your list!!

on my list ...
- thrift store shopping galore
- trip to ikea in atlanta with my mom
- visiting a friend + her baby while in atlanta
- start spring cleaning
- list some crap on craigslist ... one man's crap ;)
- make some more of these skirts for e and l
- finish reading this

but spring break is a fairly normal week for me, so that's just a to-do list, lol

Creative Mom said...

Thank you for sharing all of these great finds I am glad you have so many plans for your time. I am sorry you are missing your spring break though. I was sick during ours and missed skiing : (
One thing to add to the deep fry sprouts! If you like them they are yummy flash fried!!

Proud Mama said...

Such a great list. A friend of mine makes cascarones and our family loves them. The kids love breaking them. I don't think it ever gets old.

Kelli said...

Fried pickles = yum!
Sorry your plans were canceled... glad you are done with your surgery though.
Don't read Naked if it hurts you to laugh - unless you can sort of chuckle and snort quietly.
I am longing to wear flip-flops outside.
These rainy, 40ish degree days are not very cheerful.

Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

My aunt lives in Lancaster- my mom will be pulling in via train in the next couple of days.

I am TOTALLY in love with gingham right now (and can't get enough of my baby girl in it.

I am DOWN with the tat and the piercing- I would go with you fi we were closer~

love this list. I have a few of these other things on my pinterest page...
send you hugs

Heidi said...

So sorry to hear about yet another round of surgery. Praying this is the last one for you and that it will help you to feel so much better. Fooey for wrecked plans too! :( But your list sounds and looks like such fun! I've never even heard of cascarones, how that is possible I just don't know?!?!?