Wednesday, June 01, 2011


yesterday we discovered that the larger egg in the nest has indeed hatched.
we helped kellen and casey up the ladder to show them the baby bird.
i love casey's pure excitement in this clip, especially the end when she realizes she sees the "chick" breathing.
the wonder of spring and new life.
now we wait and see if the smaller eggs hatch and thrive as well.
i am still hoping for that happy ending.


kollene carlsson said...

awe... sweet!

Carmen said...

Oh my gosh...I love her reaction. I need to remember to see the world the way kids do. It's awesome.

Lisa Gutierrez said...

Her reaction is so perfect! Kids really help me see the world differently. The wonder and excitement at just life is amazing. Sometimes I feel I am missing out because those sorts of things aren't a "big deal" anymore. I'm going to try and fix that.