Monday, August 08, 2011

august break

Untitled by kristin~mainemomma
Untitled, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.

as i figured, my words are failing me right now. just so much going on.

this is the last full week my mom is here with us. today is her last day of work. congrats mom! i know it was not easy there for you. you did it! xoxo

instead of forcing words to come that won't, i think i will take a little august break from my space here. i have said that before and then i pop in the very next day with something that touched or inspired me. that is the beauty of a space like this, it waits for you, no matter how long, and is happy to see you when you return.

so i am off to soak up the last bits of summer.

see you soon.



xanthe said...

Thinking of you. I may not be around much, but you are in my thoughts. Take care sweetness x.

elizabeth said...

Hope you doing well thinking of you hang in there I liked you line instead of forcing the words- they will return naturally

Brooke said...

'soak up the last bits of summer'

ah, love that. :)

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

I feel like I am the worst friend because I am in over my head too and haven't checked in. But I do think of you often, dear. xoxo