Tuesday, September 20, 2011


howdy by kristin~mainemomma
howdy, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.

(a shot from a few weeks back now when i was in a swimsuit on the beach(sniffle, sob!) having fun with my reflection in my favorite towny vw bus. for mere's prompt today on shutter sisters)

i am here. just feeling quiet still. so unlike me. so helloooooo out there. i seriously want to bake a carrot cake right now at 8:42 PM and then sit on the couch and drone out in front of the tv... trouble is, we no longer have cable and the one show i stream (Parenthood. love it.) through hulu doesn't play until tomorrow. so that ends that grand plan for tonight. (oh and grating a whole pound of carrots right now for that cake i want to eat would take forever.) i just feel off today, and i know i feel off which makes it almost worse in some way, like i can't shake myself out of the my own funk.
i did find a cute mug today at goodwill that reads "believe in people". i like that.. i am drinking my tea out of it right now and well that makes me happy. maybe i need to find some fun youtube videos to watch... any suggestions???
ok signing off from funkville usa. i hope to return tomorrow in a better mood. xo friends.


The Noisy Plume said...

"believe in people"

...I like that too.
Hang on. All shall soon be right as rain!

kristen said...

howdy from funktown, on the west coast of the usa...maybe there's something in the ozone? big smooches to you my friend. xo

{Amy} said...

this is how i felt yesterday. i talked myself out of it this morning though...some days i can do it and some days i just can't. hang in there, mama, and just run to the store and buy the carrot cake instead.

love the bus shot!

Leah said...

hoping your funk doesn't last long. Here is a u tube video.
if you copy and paste it, it should work. It's for Jessica's Daily Affirmation. And how 'bout carrot cake and a really good movie?

sarah jean, said...

we all travel through funktown at some point....sometimes we stop for a bite of carrot cake (or chocolate), other times we just zip on through. be patient....sometimes funktown has an awesome thrift store and unless you're diligent to walk slowly and sift through, you might miss the treasure.

sending lots of love your way my friend. xoxo

Susan said...

Here's a video to cheer you up.
Senior citizens attempting to use a webcam...

Had me laughing this morning!

DebbieInGeorgia said...

ok let me say,,,Im addicted to As Time Goes by,,on youtube..its on sat night too on TV,,its a BBC show and the love story is so wonderful. Check it out!! hope your funktown moves on soon