Wednesday, October 12, 2011

leaping once more

leap of faith by kristin~mainemomma
leap of faith, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.

i took this photo above on Oct 21, 2009 for my very first post as a Shutter Sister. i clearly remember how excited i was then. now, almost exactly 2 years to the very day, i am taking another leap on my journey as a shutter sister. Saturday i fly to California (!!!!!!!!) where i will gather with the sisters in person to prepare for the very first Shutter Sister Camp, a photography retreat on the coast of Monterrey. to say i feel like the luckiest girl ever is an understatement. i am filled with nerves of all sorts. my mind spins when i try to concentrate on what the next week will hold. i want to embrace it all, put all my fears aside, and leap into the unknown.

so i say goodbye for now as there is so much to do to get ready, and once i am ready i want to just be with my little family and soak up all i can in hugs and love to tide me over for when i am away. (i will miss them terribly. this is the longest we have ever been apart.)

i guess my message is this, never forget to dream big. find your passion and follow it. you never know where it may lead you. i am living breathing leaping proof of this. 5 years ago i started taking a lot of pictures. 2 years ago i became a shutter sister. 2 days from now that journey is taking me a coast i have never ever been, to meet women who inspire so many. i am blessed.

have a wonderful week, i SO look forward to coming back home and sharing this crazy amazing adventure with everyone.



Eva said...

Gosh, I can't believe it's been two years! We will need to celebrate the anniversary while we're at camp! This is going to be a wonderful week! Safe travels. See you soon!

The Noisy Plume said...


barb said...

you are one lucky lady and to think of how far you've come from just a few short years ago. i know you'll have an amazing time there... that area is gorgeous! and maybe you'll get to see some seals too! safe travels kristin... can't wait to hear AND see all about it!

jodi said...

i am SO happy for you! i'm sure this will be a most amazing adventure. can hardly wait to see all of the photos! xoxo

Mary V said...

Have a wonderful time out there! Your photos are so full of joy. thanks for sharing. :)~Mary

erin said...

they will love you!!
can't wait to see it all unfold....

Suki said...

:) Awesome ! Have fun and thanks for the reminder of dreaming big.

chelle said...

Congrats on living your dreams, thanks for sharing them & your inspiring words & photographs, hope your having the BEST time !!! Can't wait to see all your photos & hear all about it :)