Tuesday, October 11, 2011

11/11/11 we are all one

11/11/11 by kristin~mainemomma
11/11/11, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.

what began as a bit of an unknown on 08/08/08 @ 8:08 PM when author Amy Krouse Rosenthal walked into Millennium Park in Chicago to The Bean with her yellow umbrella has grown to the movement, and now upcoming online movie, The Beckoning of Lovely.
Since then Amy has returned each year to the same spot, always with her yellow umbrella, each time gathering more people and more "loveliness".

On that day long ago (8/8/08) Amy put out the call to the universe asking for anything lovely. There were no guidelines, just the word lovely. I was moved by Amy's videos, so much so that I sent in a few entries. I can't explain why, I just really wanted to support that simple video that touched my heart... moved me to tears actually, again and again. Isn't that what we all want to believe in so badly? that the world IS lovely, people ARE lovely... that we truly are all one. I was delighted when Amy herself emailed me back! me, a stay at home mom in maine, who likes to take pictures... i was so happy. Recently Amy released the movie poster and one of my images is on that very poster! so excited & honored, beyond really. I have no idea what the final movie will be, but I am certain it will move me again, and you as well.

today is 10/11/11, the movie will be released worldwide in one month via the world wide web on 11/11/11.
The Beckoning of Lovely, We Are All One, The Movie.

Mark your calendars and pull up your desk chairs, maybe a box of tissues.
i will be watching, and probably crying, i hope you will watch too.

at the end of the that first video on 08/08/08
Amy's says these words...
"make the most of your time here."
yes. indeed.


Kimberly June said...

That sounds....lovely. :)

kristen said...

11 is my favorite number so you can imagine how excited i am about 11/11/11 and now i've got even more of a reason. xo

Becky Sue said...

I have never heard of that project. I wish I was there on 8/8/08! How exciting that she chose your photo. Congrats!

xanthe said...

Gooooosebumps!! so excited for you and to see this x

Stef said...

11 is my favorite number and I've been watching Amy ever since 8/8/08 and can NOT wait for 11/11/11! congrats on the photo too :)


chelle said...

How exciting for u , looking forward to it 11/11/11 :)

Stef said...

i am so darn excited ....I wish you were here or i was there!!! xoxo